Thursday, May 21, 2009

CSA Week 2: A Symphony of Flavors... Sorrel and Spring Greens Soup with Leeks and Miso

I would like to give a warm thank you to some personal chef clients of mine that gifted me with tickets to the symphony. I was able to take my daughter last night to her first symphony experience. And because it was Wednesday it was our CSA pick up night! Our evening began with a tasty fare of:

the Lettuce Wraps from Tuesday's post.

We then fancied up and headed to the Bad Seed to pick up our CSA share.
Autumn outside the Bad Seed with our share.
Then on to the symphony... My classical music education is minimal at best, but what I do know is that I trust my senses and how I experience those sensations. Music, like cooking, is layered creating dimension, depth, and subtle nuances that add such delight and are often missed by the easily distracted. Each instrument of the symphony or ingredient of a recipe is itself beautiful, yet when combined is extraordinary. Perhaps this is why the last piece performed last night was the most impressive to me. The title The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra and also alternatively titled Variations on a Theme of Purcell was composed by Benjamin Britten in 1946 as a commission from the British Ministry of Education. Their request was for him to compose music for a film to introduce orchestra to children. His approach was to present each instrument individually -- think gathering ingredients, then each instrument gradually joined together -- think combining the ingredients, to the rousing finale of the assembled instruments -- the recipe is now a meal!!! As food nourishes the body this evening of music nourished my soul and left a lasting impression on my own young person... To this honor I offer my own nourishment to you:
Sorrel and Spring Greens Soup with Leeks and Miso
Ingredients to gather:
10-12 leaves of Tarragon
8-10 cups of chopped Spring Greens (Sorrel, Tatsoi, Bok Choi, arugula, spinach)
(more or less is fine this does not have to be too specific)
3 stalks Green Garlic
2-3 tablespoons Miso (red or mild yellow is fine)
2 small or 1 large Leek
Salt and Pepper to taste
Grapeseed or Olive Oil

Prior to Starting:
If you are using greens with thick ribs, the ribs should be removed for this soup. It is very easy to do. Just lay out the greens rib side up and cut down each side of the rib for easy removal.

Step 1:
Slice Leeks and Green Garlic and lightly sautee with oil in a soup pot on low to medium heat.

Step 2:
While the Leeks and the Green Garlic are sauteeing cut the bottoms off the Asparagus

then slice the stalks into 3/4 inch pieces. When the Leeks and the Green Garlic have softened, add chopped Asparagus to the soup pot.

Step 3:
Sautee the mixture for a couple more minutes and add Greens, Tarragon, and enough water to cover just cover the Greens. The Sorrel will almost instantly change colors. Slightly increase the heat to bring the soup to a strong simmer.

Step 4:
As soon as a strong simmer occurs turn off the heat, add the miso and stir until the miso is fully incorporated. Miso has many health benefits that are lessened by overheating so you should try to avoid boiling when cooking with Miso or reheating Miso soup.

I prefer South River Miso. It is the best quality and it is certified organic. However it is strong and for first timers you might try Miso Master's Red or Mild Yellow miso.

Step 5:
This step is not absolutely necessary, but I like to pulse the soup just briefly with an immersion blender (sometimes called a stick blender).

Oh yeah, be careful not to let the cord fall over any hot spots on your stove top. (If you look close enough you will see where this one has been taped!)

Step 6:
Plate and serve alone or with crackers or bread.

Take your time and enjoy...

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  1. This soup looks great; I wish I'd gotten some sorrel yesterday. I like your comments on the symphony, too. Very interesting. And you have an immersion blender! I've been wanting to buy one of those.

    Looking forward to more recipes and raves!